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Note:  Out of Respect, no links are provided here which will discuss sacred spirituality issues except generalized information which can also be found in numerous places on the web and in popular books or which has been placed on the web by The People, themselves.

Seed Savers Exchange
Herbs Used by the Dine'/Navajo
Native American Ethnobotany Database

Native Tech: Food and Recipes
Native Way Cookbook
Pemmican Recipes, Stories, and Stores
Oneida Traditional Recipes - Three Sisters Cookbook
Reservation Maps, Political, and Make-a-Difference Websites....

The Pine Ridge Reservation Project
Friends of the Lakota People
Adopt A Lakota Grandparent
Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program - The Dine' (Navajo)
Spotted Tail Crisis Center Home for Children - Rosebud Lakota Reservation
Red Feather Housing and Community Development Group
Walking Shield American Indian Society
Seven Fires Foundation

Maps of Native American Nations and Historical Information
U.S. Indian Tribes - Index by State, Recognized and Non-Recognized

Free Leonard Peltier - Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Original Lakota Sacred Pipe 
Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Wolakota Foundation
Autonomous AIM
Russell Means Homepage
Dennis Banks Homepage
Other American Indian Resources....

NativeTech:  Native American Technology and Art
Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Tahtonka Home Page
Tahtonka - The People Page
Dee's Native American Wisdoms Indigenous Wisdoms Project

Dee's Native American Culture - Links to Tribal Sites
Navajo Central Web Site and FAQ's
Southern Ute Tribe
The Hopi

Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1890
Sand Creek Massacre, 1864 Colorado