Many thanks to the author of this article for allowing it to be published on my website.  There are numerous symbology systems for flowers but this old-ways list is the one I prefer.  -steph
FLOWERS:  Traditional Symbolism
B. J. Runyan
© July, 2000

Aloe ~ Grief; Superstition; Wisdom
Amaryllis ~ Pride; Beauty; Haughtiness
Anemone ~ Shyness
Aster ~ Elegance; Daintiness

Bachelor Button ~ New Clothes
Bamboo ~ Strength; Grace; Longevity
Begonia ~ Beware
Brown-Eyed Susan ~ "I'm Watching You!"; "Be Careful!"
Buttercup ~ Health; Fresh Air Needed

Calla Lily ~ Grief; Death
Carnation ~ Spirituality; Expanding One's Aura
Green ~ Protection; Keeps Witches Away
Red ~ Happiness; Love
White ~ Grief; Sorrow
Yellow ~ Jealousy
Chrysanthemum ~ Nobility
Red ~ "I Love You"
White ~ Truth
Yellow ~ Blighted Love
Cornflower ~ New Things Coming

Daffodil ~ Regard; Uncertainty; Respect
Dahlia ~ Regal Bearing; Royalty; Splendor
Daisy ~ Innocence; Purity in Thought; Loyal Love
Dogbane ~ Keeps Threats Away

Fern ~ Fascination
Flag ~ Royalty; Pride; Stiff Neck (Stubborn)
Forget-Me-Not ~ True Love; Faithful Love; Undying Memory

Geranium ~ Gentility; Folly; Stupidity; "You Are Foolish."
Gladiolas ~ Warrior; Striving; "You Pierce My Heart."
Grass ~ Sick Mission; Utility; Bad Luck Gift for Woman

Heather ~
Purple ~ Admiration; Beauty in Solitude
White ~ Protection from Danger; Your Wish Will Come True
Hollyhock ~ Home; Comfort; Refuge
Hydrangea ~ Braggart; Heartless; Beauty Without Substance

Iris ~ Faith; Wisdom; Valor; Hope; Light; Power
Ivy ~ Fidelity; Marriage; Friendship; Wedded Love; Attachment

Jonquil ~ "Please Return My Affection."; "Have Pity on My Passions."

Larkspur ~ Wayward Lover
Lavender ~ Sweetness; Undying Love; Constancy; Loyalty; Fervent But Silent Love
Lily of the Valley ~ Return of Happiness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; "Let's Make Up."
Lily, Tiger ~ Playfulness; Bursting Bonds; Running Riot
Lily, White ~ Purity; Sweetness; Symbol of Motherhood
Lotus ~ Sensuous; Self-Indulgent; Twists to the Dark Side

Marigold ~ Despair; Sorrow; Grief; "What Is the Matter With You?"
Mistletoe ~ "Surmount Difficulties!"; Affection; Love; Parasite; Important to Wiccans

Nasturtium ~ Spice in Your Life; Things Slow to Start But Go On Forever

Orange Blossom ~ Virginal; "Purity Equals Your Loneliness"
Orchid ~ Belle; Flower of Magnificence; "I Await Your Favors"

Pansy ~ Thoughts; Thoughtful Recollection; Good Luck Gift To a Man
Petunia ~ Anger; Resentment; "I Am Furious."
Poppy ~ Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; Dreaminess; Imagination

Rose ~
Deep Pink ~ Gratitude; Appreciation
Light Pink ~ Admiration; Sympathy; Happiness; "Our Love Is Perfect."
Orange ~ Desire; Enthusiasm
Red ~ Passionate Love and Respect
Red / Yellow Blend ~ Gaiety; Joviality
White ~ Reverence; Humility
Yellow ~ Joy; Gladness; or Jealousy
Pale Blended Tones ~ Sociability; Friendship

Snapdragon ~ Presumption; Desperation
Sunflower ~ Homage; Devotion
Sweet Pea ~ "Go Away"
Sweet William (Pink Carnations) ~ Keeps Unwanted Visitors Away; Protects from Ill Wishes or Jealousy

Tulip ~ Fame; Perfect Lover; Imagination

Violet ~ Modesty; Simplicity; "I Return Your Love."

Wisteria ~ Youth; Beauty; Poetry

Zinnia ~ Thoughts of Absent Friends.