© 1999, Revised November 2000 ~ Stephanie M. Schwartz


A spiritual person, healer, mystic, intuitive or sensitive person needs to be shielded at all times, no exception.  There are many people in this world who do not believe this but, in my opinion, this is an absolute Truth.  I cannot stress this enough, and will not even work with, counsel, or teach anyone who does not work hard at establishing their own personal protection.  Furthermore, this chapter assumes the reader is already familiar with, and practicing, some form of personal cleansing and purification routinely.

Energy is energy, it is neither negative nor positive but simply is what it is.  Our selves, our bodies, our spirits, our universe is made up of this neutral electromagnetic energy.  However, there are so many negative people walking around the world that the preponderance of their negative energies, alone, is enough to overwhelm anyone let alone someone who is, by nature, very sensitive.  Then you add in the possibilities of someone sending you negative energies for one reason or another, intentionally or unintentionally, and you have a recipe for disaster if you are not properly shielded.  Worst of all, in most danger of all, is the person who is like a wide-open empty jar walking around, open and available for any vagrant or random energy to plop into which, due to the preponderance, is more likely to be negative than not.

One note, to allay the common fear of many people new to this... shielding does not mean closed-off from the world or your loved ones and it does not mean shutting down your sensitivity or ability to feel and help others.  It means protecting yourself in such a manner so that you may do all of those things without unwanted contamination or harm.  It will make your spiritual work better, safer, and more effectively as well as allow you to be much more accurate in your sensitivity and awareness.

There are numerous methods for shielding or surrounding one's self with protection.  Here I will list some of the basic options favored by many ancient traditions but diligent research will yield you other forms as well.  What matters most is that you find what works for you or devise your own.  This is all very individual, even within any given tradition or culture.  Additionally, since this is primarily third-eye visual or "feeling" work, one must be attuned and completely comfortable with whatever method they use.  Affirmations are always helpful, prayers invaluable.    The key is to do it at least once or twice a day until it becomes a habit.  Then you only need to check on it once a day for any weak spots or holes.  Finally, it is important to note that varying circumstances may indicate a need for a change of form or method from time to time.

How does one check?  By seeing mentally (third eye) or feeling the protective energy field or bubble around you.  It is similar to a force field like we have all seen in movies.  It has a definite physical feel to it, and extends beyond your personal aura field.  Some people who are proficient in seeing auras can often see their own protective bubble as well.  But with practice, anyone will definitely be able to feel or see any weak spots or holes needing reinforcement.

What does the "feel" feel like?  Well, try rubbing the palms of your hands briskly together for a full two minutes and then very slowly pull them apart.  Feel that electrical field?  Can you feel the energy field you created?  That field is what your protective bubble will eventually feel like to you.  And, with practice, you will develop the ability to feel that field from your entire skin surface outward.  That is how you will know there are holes in it.  There will be a portion of the field that feels empty or cold, feels different from the rest of your field. 

I would also like to point out that it is customary and advisable to thank your source of the Divine for protecting you.  Each time you check it, express your gratitude.  There are many thoughts as to why this is needed and effective but suffice it to say, it is and so therefore, please don't forget this facet of the process.

It is also not uncommon for people to assist others with their personal shielding, particularly if they are not able to do so well on their own due to ignorance, illness, or any number of other reasons.  Furthermore, one would certainly want to work on assisting the shielding of one's children and family.  Children are innocent and sacred but also particularly vulnerable and, due to their fluctuating energies and hormones, normally unable to sustain a solid shield for any length of time if at all.

Here are just a few methods for shielding yourself….

1.  White Light Energy and Golden Light Energy... Many people visualize and surround themselves with the White Light or Golden Light of God, or of the Universe, or of whatever source of the Divine is used in their tradition.  There are some which use the White Light of Universal Love.  Some call upon the energy of the cosmic consciousness.  And there are some earth-based paths which flood themselves with Golden Universal Light from the top downward into the earth and see it returned up to them and surrounding them in Pure White Light energy directly linked to the core of the Grandmother Earth.

2.  Rainbow Energy... I, personally, like this form a lot.  Energies are forms of frequencies and each color and shade has its own frequency.  By utilizing layers of blended rainbow energy to surround one's self, the frequencies are covered and this is nearly impenetrable.

3.  Water Bubble... Many people like to picture themselves submerged in a bubble of protective water, completely surrounded.  This works well unless one is claustrophobic.

4.  Structures... Some people, especially beginners, have a difficult time visualizing or feeling energy.  Therefore, sometimes it is helpful for them to start out by visualizing a totally secure, safe structure (castle keep, underground room, cave, etc.) around them.  This works fine unless, again, they are claustrophobic.

5.  Transparent Bubble... Another form often favored is that of being encased in a transparent, impenetrable bubble which can go anywhere and in which you have totally free movement.  Anything coming at this bubble merely bounces or slides off.  The reality is that this is basically the literal result of all well-practiced forms of shielding but for some people, understanding as well as seeing and acknowledging the bubble is extremely helpful.

6.  The Armor of Saint Patrick… This form of establishing protection and shielding is a very, very old affirmation mantra of Celtic and Western European Christian mystics.  It was a favorite of my grandmother's.  Her personal version spoke….

I establish myself today in….
The Power of God to guide me,
The Might of God to uphold me,
The Wisdom of God to teach me,
The Eye of God to watch over me,
The Ear of God to hear me,
The Word of God to speak for me,
The Hand of God to protect me,
The Way of God to lie before me,
The Shield of God to shelter me,
The Host of God to defend me.

I summon around me all these Powers against every hostile, merciless enemy that may
come against my body and my soul.

Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ within me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ at my right, Christ at my left,
Christ in breadth, in length, in height.
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me.
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks to me.
Christ in the eye of every man who sees me.
Christ in the ear of every man who hears me.

I Secure myself this Day to the Almighty Christ of God.

7.  The Armor of Light... This is a protection and shielding mantra as practiced by some Ceremonial Magickans.  One version of the affirmation (which you are free to adjust to your personal preference on attributes and personal source of the Divine) goes something like this...

In the Name of (Divine Source) and
By the Power of (Divine Source)
I now vest myself with the full Armor of Light.
On my head rests the helmet of (Grace and Guidance) or (Valor and Faith),
On my chest lays the breastplate of (Pure Intent) or (Honor).
In my right hand I hold the Sword of (Truth) or (Wisdom),
On my left arm rests the Shield of (Compassion and Honor) or (Virtue and Love).
Thus clad, I stand fully enclosed in Divine Protection,
ready to do that which I am called to do,
And I thank (Divine Source) that it is so.

8.  Pentagram... This form of shielding involves surrounding one's self with two layers of interlocking pentagrams.  It is another form favored by many Ceremonial Magickans, some members of the Golden Dawn, and other esoteric traditions but is somewhat more intricate in controlling.  It requires extremely good focus.  One side benefit is that one may also see anyone who would harm them through the center of the pentagrams.

9.  The Black Hole... Now, this form of protection requires a lot more control and focus than most.  It is normally only practiced by the more experienced spiritual workers.  Don't let the word "black" turn you off, however.  It merely is describing something similar to the Outer Space phenomenon.  A well-controlled worker can become a black hole, with everything else sliding through and past without sticking.  One can also make this a transparent rather than a black hole.  There are many views on using this method and I only include it as a point of information.

10.  Mirrors…. Some people prefer to mentally surround themselves with mirrors, shiny reflective side outward.  In this method, anything negative coming at them is reflected back, bounced off, or slides off the shiny surface.

Once you have learned to participate in your own protection and shielding, you have a decision to make.  Where do you wish the negative energy bouncing off your shield to go?  Some people simply send it back to wherever it came from or to whoever sent it.  Others prefer to simply send it to some far off place in the universe where it can’t harm anything.  Still others send any negativity to the Light, to the Divine, to be transformed into positive energy.  While it may be an ethical question, that decision may also depend on your skill level or your tradition.

One last note... If you are currently using the Light or Energy of your Divine for protection and it seems to not be working well, do not assume your Divinity has forsaken you.  Oftentimes, this is merely a message, an indication to you that it is time for you to work and learn other forms of shielding and to participate more fully in your own protection.  It may very well be simply a nudge from the Universe and the Divine to expand yourself, your awareness, and your skills.