2012 and Beyond
Mysticism and The Spiritual  Empowerment of Women

Stephanie M. Schwartz, D.D. presents a weekend of unique discussion regarding mysticism, spiritual gifts, and the spiritual empowerment of women.  She has recently returned from 10 days in Northern Arizona meeting with indigenous elders from around the world.  Bring your questions or simply bring an inquiring mind.

Topics Available to Discuss:

Defining and Re-Creating Your Energy
Healing the Ancestral Memory
Walking through the Transitional Era: The Changes Have Arrived
2012 and Beyond
Healing our Mother Earth While She Heals Us
Choices, Control, and Conduits
The Spiritual Empowerment of Women
The Age of the Feminine
Truth and truths, Universal Laws and Ethics
Working with spirits and Spirit
Love, Respect, Healing and Compassion, Not Balance and Peace
Energy, Light, and Creation
Guiding and Protecting the Gifts of the Children
Your Receptive and Active Gifts
The Gifts of our Mother Earth for YOU and for All of Us
Connecting to our Mother Earth
Being Spiritual in a Negative Society
Pulling and Purging Energy
Compassion and Our Instructions
Respecting Indigenous Wisdoms without Exploitation
Healing the Circle of Life
Visualization and Your Spiritual Image
Techniques for Relaxation
Purifying Self
Purifying Objects
Shielding and Protection
Focused Meditation/Prayer
Group vs Solitary Expression
Female/Menopause Energy
The World Around Us
Cross-cultural Aspects of Gifts and Spiritual Work
Tools of Focus
The Universality of Spiritual Gifts and Skills
Purifying Your Environment
Remote Viewing vs Projected Travel vs Astral Travel
Uses of Gifts
PSI Research, Quantum Physics, Hyper Physics
Energy’s Effects on the Body
Energy Healing with Danger to Yourself
Government and Corporate
New Age or Traditional or Personal Expression
Telekinesis Exercise
Illusion, Reality, Duality and the Divine
Finding Your Gifts and Your Self
We Learn So That We May Serve

Note:  This workshop may be held in one evening, one weekend, or over a period of several days.  Obviously, time constraints will determine the depth of discussion and exploration.