Who Is This Old Woman ????
Who Is This Old Woman
Who Dares To Speak,
Who Dares to Ask,
Who Dares to Stir the Pot
Of History and Wisdoms,
Seeking truths and Truth ????

Stephanie M. Schwartz, D.D.

Recently called out of retirement by other Elders, Stephanie M. Schwartz, 62, is a multi-cultural adept highly experienced in counseling spiritual leaders and the spiritually gifted of many countries as well as moderating multi-cultural spiritual and esoteric discussion groups.  As an elder, philosopher, energy worker, teacher, psi researcher, and knowledge-keeper, Stephanie looks to the commonalities within all cultures and belief systems as the basis from which understanding, respect, and world peace may grow.

A published author and lecturer, Dr. Schwartz has over forty years of training in her youth in ancient Traditional Western European Ways and a lifetime of study of other wisdoms and beliefs.  As a single parent, classically-trained musician, former business professional, and a freelance journalist on indigenous issues, Stephanie comes from a long family line of active spiritual leaders. 

Her grandmother, Mme. Grace E. L. Woodbury, was a recognized spiritual leader, adept, and philosopher of her time.  She was also an accomplished concert pianist, composer, writer and poet.  Grace authored 4 spiritual books, was a close friend and colleague of Paramahansa Yogananda, and founded the non-denominational Temple of Divine Brotherhood in 1921 in Denver, Colorado.  From 1920-1960, her Woodbury School of Fine Arts in Denver, Colorado encompassed many psycho-science, spiritual, and metaphysical courses as well as voice, piano, and dance classes.

Stephanie views her own gifts and learning as a way of life as well as a way to enhance her own spiritual connection to the Divine, through which the Divine may work.  It is her key to personal service.  She believes we are each being called today to bring healing to the hearts of humanity and to our mother earth.  She further considers the spiritual empowerment of women as a key factor in accomplishing those things.

Stephanie M. Schwartz may be contacted by email at SilvrDrach@aol.com
or by phone at her home in Colorado 303-833-6520