Lakota Sioux Links....
Note:  Out of Respect for The People, no links are provided here which will discuss sacred spirituality issues except generalized information which can also be found in numerous places on the web and in popular books or which has been placed on the web by The People, themselves.
White Buffalo Calf Woman Story  (Joseph Chasing Horse, 1994)
White Buffalo Calf Woman Story  (John Fire Lame Deer, 1967)

Lakota Star Knowledge Book
Lakota Star Maps and Tables

Black Elk:  Earth Prayer and The Sunset
Frank Fools Crow:  On Healing

Lakota and Dakota Information Page
Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1890
Lakota and Apache Words, Phonetic
Lakota - Dakota Language Resource

Native Tech: Food and Recipes
Pemmican: Recipes, Stories, and Stores
Traditional Native American Herb and Plant Knowledge

Sinte Gleska University
Oglala Lakota College
Si Tanka University
Friends of the Lakota, Inc: Adopt a Grandparent - Pine Ridge Reservation
Spotted Tail Crisis Center for Children - Rosebud Reservation
The Pine Ridge Reservation Project
Walking Shield American Indian Society
Seven Fires Foundation
Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Wolakota Foundation