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An Old Woman Speaks.......
This website is a personal effort to explore traditional truths from many cultures and to offer my views.  It is my opinion that by seeing and comprehending the oneness and common wisdoms that pervade all societies, people might better develop understanding, acceptance, and respect for each other.  With this awareness, peace might even have a chance to erupt into existence.

However, everything in this website is solely my opinion.  I am no guru, no tribal member, no ascended master, high priestess, or ethnologist, no anything except merely an old woman who walks with visions and seeks to add one tiny effort towards the growing hope worldwide for serenity and peace.

This site is dedicated to
those who seek the Divine
amidst all life
work for compassion and understanding
within all Humanity.

In Truth, We Are All Related.
A Personal Cross-Cultural Exploration of
Old Truths and Ancient Ways
in Celebration of the
Oneness of Humanity
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NOTE:  If you wish to copy articles or information found in my website, please feel free.  It is precisely because people wanted this information over and over that I created these pages to share.

I ask only one thing.... Do NOT separate my name from my words.  This is precisely why they are copyrighted.  I get very annoyed when I find my words with someone else's name as author.  I offer my words as a gift to help in whatever way possible.  But it is an offense not only to me but to That which inspires me to write if you steal them.

Meanwhile, the information is here, it is available, and it is free.  Just highlight the words and use your copy command to paste them into your own text document.

However, if you intend to use my words to make money then that is an entirely different matter.  Please contact me for permission.
This page was last updated on: July 24, 2009
Note:  Out of Respect, no links are provided here which will discuss American Indian sacred spirituality issues except generalized information which can also be found in numerous places on the web and in popular books or which has been placed on the web by The People, themselves.
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